Thunderbird to Outlook Converter – the right tool to move Thunderbird to Outlook in no time!

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Thunderbird to Outlook Converter offers the most convenient, fast and reliable way to move Thunderbird to Outlook that requires no training, experience or knowledge of different data formats.

Moving from one place to another is always a challenge that involves a lot of organizational and logistical decisions. You need to take care of every item, make sure nothing is broken, bent, crushed or torn en route, nothing is left behind and that the entire operation is carried out within a minimal time frame, reducing rental costs and other overheads. The same holds true for data migration and conversion, fairly common, yet often technically complex tasks that require skill, experience and, most importantly, proper tools.

Thunderbird to Outlook Converter
takes skill and experience out of this equation the program is all you need to move Thunderbird to Outlook in just a few mouse clicks!

This handy email migration tool takes the burden of dealing with data conversion off your shoulders. In fact, it completely automates the process and requires virtually no user involvement, except for a few confirmation clicks. The program extracts messages and attachments from Thunderbird’s own version of the MBOX file format, converts their encoding to ensure full readability in Outlook and saves them to an Outlook folder of your choice.

Is special software really necessary to move Thunderbird to Outlook?

Yes, it is. Thunderbird and Outlook are two worlds apart in terms of data formats and lack the necessary integrated import/export tools for convenient bulk conversion of messages. Thunderbird stores data in its own version of the mailbox format and doesn’t even keep its data files in a single location – they are scattered across the subfolders of the main program folder, which makes their location a tedious task with a high risk of overlooking a few files. In turn, Outlook does not support MBOX files in any shape or form, which creates full incompatibility between the two products. Therefore, the use of specialized email migration and conversion software like Thunderbird to Outlook Converter is a must.

The benefits of using Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

The converter uses an integrated approach to move Thunderbird to Outlook. First and foremost, this means that you won’t need to do anything manually – every step of the process is automated. Even specifying the folder with the source files is no longer necessary, since the program does it as well. Once started, Thunderbird to Outlook Converter looks for the Thunderbird installation folder and performs a recursive search in it to locate each and every MBOX file. This ensures that no files are missed and that your email archive will be moved to Outlook in its entirety.

The second important detail is the conversion of file encoding, which means that no matter in which encoding your emails were stored in Thunderbird, they will appear perfectly readable in Outlook. Forget about third-party text decoders and encoding-related problems once and for all! You will never see any undecipherable gibberish in your Outlook inbox after migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Some of the many benefits of using Thunderbird to Outlook Converter are listed below:
  • Highly intuitive interface requiring nearly zero lead-in time – no special training, education or knowledge required
  • Automatic detection of the location of Thunderbird data – saves the user the trouble of having to manually search for MBOX files on the hard drive
  • Support of mailboxes of any size – important for users who have been using TB for years and have accumulated impressive amounts of data in their email folders
  • Possibility to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook even if the source MBOX files are damaged – unique feature!
  • Compatibility with all major versions of Outlook, including 32- and 64-bit editions
  • Compact installation size, no third-party components or libraries required
  • Clear indication of the Thunderbird to Outlook transfer process

In terms of functionality and ease of use, Thunderbird to Outlook Converter is the leader on the market of data migration software. Based on uniquely efficient proprietary technologies, the software allows inexperienced users to save time and money by transferring data on their own.

The product is a perfect solution for anyone looking for a comfortable, fast and problem-free solution of the Thunderbird to Outlook migration problem. Thanks to its outstanding ease of use, affordable price and remarkable efficiency, the product will be a good choice for a home user planning a single email migration, and for a corporate system administrator likely to face many more Thunderbird to Outlook email transfers.

Try it right now!

The demo version of the program can be downloaded from the official website. It offers the full functionality of Thunderbird to Outlook Converter, but limits the number of messages converted per mailbox.